The Passion of Joan of Arc – Performances available in 2018

In 2018 I am returning to giving live performances of my score for Dreyer’s classic of 1928. The single most rewarding creative engagement I have ever experienced,  this score was commissioned by the Faclan Festival in 2014 (full details here: ).

In the development of my score to this film, I was able to explore some of the many potentials of silence in the performance space and in the silent movie tradition. This exploration, development and performance were for me profound reexaminations of my own approach to this art form. The result is an intensely sparse and mediative score that draws on the tuneings of French cathedral bells (contemporary to the events and localities of Jean’s life) with very open, resonant harmonics, and the silence beyond…Dreyer’s movie is a masterwork of narrative and direction., it’s power still alive…